Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Check One Off the List

I have a whole folder on my computer of crafts I would one day like to finished. Well, today I finally finished one! This idea came from Chez Beeper Bebe. I loved the way the letters formed a rainbow, so I tried to imitate that the best I could with my limited fabric supply. My daughter and I often get on and look at the different letters. Her favorite is 'G'. In fact, she's started calling the computer 'guh guh' because she likes the 'guh'. I was so excited when she started playing with her beanbags, grabbed the yellow G and started saying 'guh guh!' It just melts a mother's heart, doesn't it?
For storage I use an empty plastic pretzel jar. The jar has become as much of a game as the beanbags. The little miss likes to see what types of things she can fit in the jar (her sippy cup, stuffed dog, her get the idea). I'm glad this worked out. I almost lost interest around the letter 'n', but I didn't and I'm proud.

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