Sunday, June 26, 2011

Mamma Mia!

As I was sitting at storytime at the library with my kids this week, trying to guess what was going to happen next in the book, I thought to myself, "I sure hope my kids have as much fun with me as I have with them." I used to think that you only get one childhood, but recently I realized that as a parent you get to do all the fun stuff all over again. I love playing with my kids. I love watching them learn about and discover the world around them. I love watching them take risks and I love being there for them when they make mistakes. I really feel like motherhood is the best job there is. I am so grateful that I get to play endless rounds of 'Duck, Duck, Goose', read the same book over and over and over (without even looking at the words any more), fingerpaint in the bathtub, play dress-up (as seen above!), and kiss my sweet children every night before bed. Here's to being a mom!

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