Sunday, July 24, 2011

Nature Bowl

We love going on walks. Sometimes we go in the double stroller, sometimes in the single stroller with the little one in the front pack, sometimes in the single stroller with the bigger one walking, sometimes with the little one in the stroller and the bigger one pushing a doll stroller. Any way you slice it, we love walks. Along with walking, we love talking. We talk about the trees, the dogs, the birds, the cats, the cars, and everything else we see. Recently we've also started collecting. Pine-cones, rocks, leaves, twigs, pine needles, and all sorts of other outdoor treasures. These treasures usually end up in the stroller or in my pocket. I recently had the idea that instead of chucking them at the front door, we could collect them in a nature bowl. Now every time we go out for a walk, my daughter is on the look-out for something we can put in her bowl. When we get home, she pulls everything out, sorts them into piles, put them back, dumps them back out, and shows them to all of her stuffed animals.

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