Friday, August 3, 2012

Date Night

With a husband who is getting a Master Degree while working full time, we don't always get our date nights. I do, however, often get to go out on dates with these two handsome kids (who look so much like their dad that it almost counts as a date). 

For our last 'date night' we went out for ice cream at Menchies. It was so fun. There was a kids' corner with a little table and chairs, a chalk board, coloring pages and crayons, and all sorts of different board games. We stayed for almost an hour eating, drawing, and playing. 

 Our version of 'Guess Who' was to open all the doors, then shut all the doors, then open all the doors, then shut all the doors, then open all the get the idea.

Our version of 'Connect 4' was also pretty modified. If I were to market this game the box would say, 'See How Fast You Can Put in All the Chips'

After ice cream, we found a fun fountain to watch a short walk away. I thought this picture was too cute not to share.

 And the evening was finished off in the best way possible, a footprint competition, seeing who could make the most footprints before they all disappeared. I think the boy won.

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