Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Rainbow Rice

I have seen this several times on Pinterest and it really is a fun as it looks. The recipe is really easy. For every 4 cups of rice you mix in 3 T. rubbing alcohol and 2 T food coloring. I halved the recipe so that I would end up with more colors (2 c. rice, 1 1/2 T alcohol, and 1 T coloring). We mixed ours up in Ziploc bags.The rice then needs to dry for about an hour or so before it's ready to play with.

I thought it looked so pretty once it was done!

 While we were waiting for the rice to dry we went and played in the mud.
 And when it was finally time to play, the kids LOVED it.

One more final picture because I thought it looked so pretty all mixed together.

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